Ticonderoga Botanical Gardens

Adventure of a Lifetime

Sixty years of hardscaping has utilised over 7 million tons of earth, stone and concrete (more material moved than for the Hoover Dam) to build the largest constructed garden in the United States. The actual planting of most of the gardens only started in earnest 10 years ago and is now in full swing with a public opening planned for 2015, the 65th anniversary of the first shovel of dirt moved and the first plants started (Catalpa bignonioides from President Monroe’s home at Oak Hill and Buxus sempervirens from Mt. Vernon, both of which are still thriving with numerous offspring).

The following pictures are illustrative of the construction phase involved in these gardens. Please return in a few months as we expand the gallery of photos of actual gardens, living sculptures, maturing collections and as well as more of the history of these unique gardens.

The first picture is an aerial of the 80 acres currently planned to open in 2015, comprising Mountain and Lake gardens. The others pictures have descriptions attached. Photo of terrace construction 2/3 of the way to the top has a barn roof in bottom left corner which is at original ground level to give idea of size and height of this section of the constructed garden (called The Mountain).

An aerial of the 80 acres currently planned to open in 2015                                    

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