Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

 Christmas Tree Season Information

Location-Type of Trees

We will have beautiful fresh wreaths, and an incredible assortment of gorgeous fresh trees (no admission fee to purchase our greens & trees). 

26469 Ticonderoga Road (Gum Spring & Ticonderoga Rd)

Pre-Cut Trees are Fraser Fir, Choose & Cut Fields have White-Scotch Pine-Va Pine, Leyland, and Red Cedar lightly sheared…(see below samples)

For choose & cut saws are available on site. We will shake, bale and process the tree for the ride home.  We also have holly, wreaths and greens made and farm cut firewood bundles available at the site.**Also trees available here under cover in case of weary weather.


Weymouth Pine aka Virginia Pine

An old fashioned tree which was called a Weymouth Pine in Thomas Jefferson’s time, which is becoming very popular again and which holds its needles very well. The needles are medium length, softer and longer than a scotch pine’s, but stiffer and shorter than a white pine’s. This tree is extremely fragrant and has nice stiff branches for extra heavy ornaments. The needles are sometimes curly which gives it an unusual, happy look. Note that this makes a very hardy tree as a B&B which will grow anywhere in addition it makes a great climbing tree.

White Pine

The white pine will hold its needles for months and has a beautiful color. People especially appreciate the soft needles, which even when dry do not prick one. We shear our trees extra heavily so the branches are stronger than the average white pine, but if you have many very heavy ornaments you might want to consider a stiffer branched tree such as the Scotch Pine. As a balled and bur lapped tree (B&B) this is a fast grower, forming a very large tree, with open habit, in a few years.

Scotch Pine

This pine is the second most popular “Choose & Cut” Christmas tree. It has a shorter needle than the white pine, but will hold its needles an equal length of time – for two months and more. Needles are not soft like the white pine and can be a bit prickly – gloves are useful when setting it up! Branches are very stiff and will take extra heavy ornaments. When in the fields you might notice that some scotch pines will have longer needles than others – choose the length you like the most – they are all equally long lasting. Scotch Pine is a slower grower than the white pine and subject to more diseases, but is a handsome and unusual tree for the garden.

Red Cedar

This is a very popular tree throughout the south.  It holds its needles very well but has very soft branches which will carry light ornaments beautifully. It is especially useful where there is limited space and tall ceilings. One can get a tree 12 feet tall which is only 4 feet wide. Red Cedar is a nicely fragrant tree.  As balled and bur lapped, this tree is a real survivor – will grow almost anywhere from a mountain top to a near swamp, with a beautiful columnar shape.  It may be sheared quite heavily to provide a bushy specimen or to keep its height down.

Leyland Cypress

Similar to the Red Cedar but with a softer needle and slightly wider for its height.  Popular in the south as well. Limited quantities – ask an elf for locations! This tree as a balled and bur lapped tree grows exceptionally fast in the garden! It may be very heavily sheared as a hedge or allowed to grow into a tree of quite immense size. Truly a wonder tree introduced from the gardens at Kew, England. In good soils, it will grow as much as 4 feet per year! Must be careful to keep ball unbroken as has shallow root system. Tree should be staked for first year when planted out.

Fraser Fir

Available as a Pre-Cut tree at Christmas time only

Fraser Fir is now one of the most popular pre-cut trees sold and the price reflects the shortage of supply. We cannot grow this tree in our area as the elevation is too low, so we purchase it from growers we have worked with for many years. It has a short needle and stiff branches. The needles are dark green in color with a light underside.