Summer Harvest Festival

It’s time to harvest in Virginia.  After cultivating and planting our gardens, we hope to share the fruits of our hard work with you. Our figs are pre-picked daily and start late July, they will be available daily until end of September. However as with any harvest or crop, weather can determine the outcome and this past winter and early spring have been a hard one on our crops. 

Our Summer Vegetable Harvest information:  We do invite you to visit our Pick Your Own garden at the farm during your visit and take a look at what you can take home each season as available. Gardens are usually ready mid July and completely harvested by mid August. Our gardens are all organic and we use no GMO seeds (we grow all our own plants). For those of you growing your own, one way to be sure your seeds are not GMO is to stick with heirloom seeds/plants. Another hint for organic growers – stick with plants which do not attract lots of pests, or are easy to “clean” the bad bugs. Organically grown, you can find each year lots of sweet corn, green peppers, sweet banana wax peppers, jalapeno peppers, watermelon, tomatoes and more. 

*Please call to check on availability of our Pick Your Own Garden*

Summer Hours and Admissions:

10:00 am—5:00 pm
Weekday *$9.95
Weekends *$9.95

*Price subject to change during Special Events

Concessions Available to Purchase:
Hot Dogs, Turkey Legs, Nachos, Popcorn and other snack items and drinks.
We accept cash only at our concessions stand. Visa and MasterCard may be used in our market or at our ticket booths. $15 Min for Credit Cards.

For Special Accommodations & Custom Packages Please Call 703-327-4424

*During seasonal festival(s) prices and hours are subject to change.

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